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Design Agency

Your website is your online welcome mat for your entire business. Are you doing everything you can to make sure it looks and runs as smoothly as possible? Make sure your brand stands out by getting in touch with me.

Why I am different

Some people like cars, some people like reading books, and I like technology. I love taking on new projects and solving the problems that arise while finishing them. Learning about different industries broadens my marketing skills and increases the services and results I am able to provide. For me, this isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle.

My Skills

I'm a lifelong nerd with a Business Marketing and Sales background.
After working in the mortgage industry for 5 years, I decided it was time to start doing something I enjoyed. I opened up my design agency in 2008 when a friend referred me to the owner of an organization that helps recruit teenagers for basketball scholarships. At that moment, I found a way to use my problem-solving skills along with my love for technology to help others get up and running online.
  • Branding - 90%
  • UX Research - 93%
  • Interface Design - 91%

My Latest Work

Here are highlights of some of the projects I've worked on this year so far.

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